Carmunication plans to launch PoC!


following a meeting of the Project Team – Carmunication Platform, we have made a proposal to move forward by launching a Proof of Concept of a complete Repair and Maintenance (RMI) use case. This proposal has been approved by the Advisory Board and thus we would like to provide you with some information on the next steps.

In a first phase, this PoC is intended to be conducted entirely with existing Carmunication members. In a second step we would like to expand this PoC to external companies.

The Project Team proposed to involve the following Carmunication members:

  • Geotab (providing access to live vehicle data)
  • P.S. Automotive (coordinating vehicle activation / project management)
  • Topmotive (integrating live vehicle data into catalogue)
  • HaynesPro (providing service details for Topmotive)

The project will be coordinated by Ingo Sachse, so direct all of your questions / comments to him. The same applies if you want to get involved in the PoC.

We will give you regular updates about the current status and the next steps.

Looking forward to hearing from you and getting things moving in the right direction.