Carmunication begins PoC!


Carmunication has officially started work on the PoC following our latest Advisory Board Meeting. There will be two phases of this PoC, with the first iteration only involving a limited number of participants in order to complete a first working prototype rapidly.
After this first phase is completed (approximately in Q2 2021) and working as imagined, we will then extend an invitation to all the members who wanted to get involved in the PoC.

The following members are to be involved in the first phase of the PoC:

  • Geotab (providing access to live vehicle data)
  • HaynesPro (providing service details for Topmotive)
  • Hans Hess Autoteile (providing workshops)
  • LKQ (providing vehicles from their internal fleet, workshops)
  • Meyle (providing vehicles from their internal fleet)
  • NGK (providing vehicles from their internal fleet)
  • P.S. Automotive (coordinating vehicle activation, project management, providing vehicles from their internal fleet)
  • Topmotive (integrating live vehicle data into catalogue, providing vehicles from their internal fleet)

Also in order to achieve a common understanding of the goals of this Proof of Concept, these are the goals that we want to achieve:

  1. Showcasing end-to-end RMI use case
  2. Enhancing understanding of data available at the moment
  3. Understanding current (OEM) pricing limitations