A look back at our General Assembly and Workshop

  • 20.05.2019

Are you up to date with the developments surrounding live vehicle data? The participants of CARMUNICATION’s annual General Assembly and workshop, held in Amsterdam on the 6th and 7th of May 2019, are just that. Inviting not only their members, CARMUNICATION also decided to ask non-members as well as international and national journalists to join them for several workshops, talks and lectures.

During these two days, CARMUNICATION offered a closer look into the context of live vehicle data and what it means for the companies that deal with it on a daily basis. From talks about how to utilize data, to the future of garages and the need for this kind of data in the aftermarket, the information provided in these lectures was priceless, for members and non-members alike. Closing with panels that included Q&As, CARMUNICATION made sure attendees got the most out of the experience and in return, can spread CARMUNICATION’s vision with colleagues and readers respectively.

The two days were wrapped up by the General Assembly itself, which was exclusively attended by the members of CARMUNICATION. Talking about the organization’s future and goals, Ingo Sachse presented to the General Assembly the current negotiations with French telematics provider Mobile Devices.

This should lead to future cooperation, which will significantly enhance the current platform. In addition to the existing CARMUNICATION platform from ATLAS, going forward, CARMUNICATION will now process all relevant data in the connected vehicle space by using munic.io, while ATLAS will integrate further IoT data sources within the mobility sector. This offers two important advantages: the improvement of the ability to process all vehicle data sources and that data will be provided in a standardized format, making it easier to be handled by members.

"We are very glad to be able to take such a big step”, Walter Birner explained. “With Mobile Devices, we hope to gain a partner that can bring us closer to our goal, support us in winning new association members and to drive the topic even further.”

Moving on to look back at CARMUNICATION’s past four years, Birner remained hopeful, but was also aware that there is much more work ahead. “Though we already have 34 members, we are not where we want to be yet”, he said. “We are open to all companies that are involved in the automotive sector and aware of the value of live vehicle data. Each one of our members has one vote and transparency has and always will be our top priority.”

With this, Birner once again highlighted the organization’s main goal: to make sure that live vehicle data isn’t monopolized and that not just a few, but many have access to them. He emphasized that whoever has the data, continues to get the deal and that CARMUNICATION will go on to do their part in reaching the common goal.

Looking to the future, Birner summarized the topics most important, beginning with the direct access to live vehicle data. In his opinion, this will soon be legislated by the EU directly, allowing access to data itself. But he also reminded members that the right way to deal with all this data still needs to be found. He then moved on to mention the importance for relevant players to join forces, as well as the urge to revitalize the CARMUNICATION network to promote exchange among each other: “If we indeed want to move forward into the right direction, we must learn together and especially, learn from each other”, Birner finished his thoughts, closing another successful General Assembly.