Haynes Pro International Sales Meeting

  • 16.01.2019

HaynesPro invited CARMUNICATION to its International Sales Meeting in Leusden, Netherlands.

The goal of the event was for HaynesPro's Sales Managers to get a better understanding of CARMUNICATION in order to improve their promotion of the non-profit industry initiative in the international markets.

Erik Lundtoft, CEO of CARMUNICATION, reviewed the activities of CARMUNICATION in 2018, and it became evident that the number of members had nearly tripled!

With members all across Europe and all interested groups in the Automotive Aftermarket, including representatives from the Independent Garage Associations, Data and Parts Suppliers, Distributors and International Trading Groups, a strong foundation was achieved for the Association.

Erik Lundtoft further declared: “For 2019 we now expect from our members (including HaynesPro) to be part of the active expansion across Europe and drive the technical implementation of “Live Vehicle Data” into their businesses and their concepts for their customers!

HaynesPro has been an active member from the beginning - with their strong networks, local Sales Representatives and expertise in most European countries, we see an excellent opportunity to work together in communication and implementation in order to provide technical solutions to many professional customers of HaynesPro.”

CARMUNICATION welcomes this opportunity to engage and work with a wider audience of active members. We are confident that in this way our position will increase significantly in 2019 and therefore the efforts for a “free access to the data of the connected vehicles” will be further secured.