Digitization and the Independent Automarket

  • 08.02.2019

Mobility and transportation are ever-changing.

A large number of control units is installed in today’s cars and experts estimate that by 2025 about 70% of all vehicles will be transmitting live vehicle data.

But politics still lag behind these technical advances. There are still no definite rules for who should have access to this data and so it usually remains with the producing company itself.

CARMUNICATION's goal is to provide an open platform and access to this data for all its members.

Additionally,CARMUNICATION supports and encourages lobbying work to drive policy decisions that profit the Independent Automarket

As digitization progresses, there are also new challenges that we must learn to navigate. These include questions about security in case of possible hacking attacks, self-driving cars or predictive maintenance.

Access to data plays a crucial role in these issues. We are therefore confident that CARMUNICATION will play an increasingly important role in the coming years.

For more information, go to the current issue of AMZ at www.amz.de