General Assembly November 2018

  • 07.12.2018

The CARMUNICATION General Assembly was hosted and organized by NEXUS in Geneva. It was a chance for all members to meet and discuss current changes and future goals.

Walter Birner thanked the hosts and emphasized the need for an industry-wide solution, not with the goal of earning money but enabling players in the market to make their business. He mentioned that vehicle manufacturers will shut out the aftermarket if the latter doesn’t take necessary steps to prevent this.

Erik Lundtoft gave a presentation of the status of the platform. He elaborated on the problems for the independent aftermarket and what the solution for these problems could be. 

Gert Keuschnigg presented the technical status of the platform and the results of the specification project. He chronicled the development including the previous releases the original idea for designing the platform. He continued by presenting the modes of data-forwarding and stressed the importance of reducing the complexity to increase usability. Mock-ups of app skeletons that can be accessed by CARMUNICATION members for integration into their own apps were also shown. Finally, Keuschnigg talked about the future system landscape and necessary next steps.

The current political situation was also a very important point of discussion at the General Assembly. Walter Birner explained our political position.

Carmunication’s, FIGIEFA’s and AFCAR’s goal is to guarantee direct access without any restrictions. This direct access has already been proven possible and secure.