Autodistribution International

Autodistribution International (ADI) is the first International Trade Group of automotive parts distributors in Europe. They provide services to their 25 partners in 40 countries to support them in their role as parts and service suppliers to professional repairers.

ADI is convinced that the number of connected cars will increase in the coming years and access to dynamic data will become a decisive factor in maintenance and repair business. While the car industry attempts to monopolise the data, CARMUNICATION facilitates free access to dynamic car data. Autodistribution International is persuaded that from an aftermarket standpoint it makes sense to support these purposes.

CARMUNICATION unites various actors from the automotive fields, allowing them to exchange, collaborate, gain experience and be prepared when vehicles regularly and massively generate data.

Autodistribution International‘s vision for connected cars in 2030 is that new technologies such as AI, Big Data and IoT (Internet of Things) will continue to impact mobility as they affect other domains: autonomous driving, electric vehicles and a change of mentality in general. Mobility as a service will gradually reshape the business. The business must adapt to the new environment and initiatives like CARMUNICATION will guide the adaption process.