C.I.A.K. Auto


CIAK group is a leader in aftermarket spare parts distribution in Croatia, also present in Bosnia and Hercegovina, Serbia and Slovenia. As a proud member of AD International, we are in charge for the Adria region. We continuously invest in people, modern IT solutions, fleet, technical education and all other aspects that make our daily business efficient.

We recognized the need to be prepared for the new challenges that await the automotive aftermarket in the future. We understood the importance of data and the necessary regulation around it so we joined Carmunication to represent us as well as the entire independent aftermarket.

It is vital for smaller companies like us to be part of an organization that represents the independent automotive industry, since this affects the entire branch equally.

We believe that high-density urban areas will be changing towards shared and connected mobility and therefore a lot of newer business-models besides the standard car-ownership will be developed. Cars will increasingly be able to operate autonomously and be connected with all possible services (petrol stations, workshops, insurances). Mobility will be seamlessly integrated into the regular daily life of people.