Geotab connects commercial vehicles to the internet, provides advanced web-based analytics to manage vehicle fleets, and advances the security of connected mobility.

Direct, nondiscriminatory and secure access to vehicle data are vital to customers and companies alike. Geotab believes in open data, an open platform and knows that choice and flexibility is very important. The company decided to join CARMUNICATION because of its efforts to align industry partners who share these same beliefs and work towards industry solutions.

Geotab is a founding member of the Neutral Vehicle initiative which sets the framework and guidelines for the technical implementation of direct, secure and non-discriminatory access to vehicle data. Recognizing that this initiative complements CARMUNICATION’s renowned approach to free data access, Geotab is eager to have the opportunity to not only collaborate with CARMUNICATION, but with its entire ecosytem of members and stakeholders.

The future of mobility will be shared, connected, autonomous and electric. In our data driven economy, open access to data is the underlying catalyst of innovation required so more tailored solutions to individual, companies and societal mobility needs will improve. Whenever the connected car can leverage safe, secure, eco-friendly, cost effective and fun modes of transportation in the future, it is going to be advantageous for fleets, consumers and society.