GROUPAUTO International


GROUPAUTO International is one of the largest spare parts distribution networks for passenger cars and commercial vehicles worldwide. They have also implemented the EuroGarage and Top Truck garage networks, that provide repair and maintenance services for passenger cars and commercial vehicles alike.

They recognized the need for the automotive aftermarket being prepared for the technical and market requirements of the future. These requirements will include access to live vehicle data as well as the ability to connect and integrate with customers, data suppliers and data consumers. GROUPAUTO believes that CARMUNICATION is addressing these requirements in a way that supports fair and equal access to ensure a level playing field and encourage competition as well as innovation.

Being part of CARMUNICATION, the company has the awareness that they can provide and receive information in a group of like-minded companies that are preparing for the same technical and political challenges. As part of the same group, it is possible to both teach and learn potential technical solutions, as well as contribute to decisions that will determine the functionality of the CARMUNICATION platform. GROUPAUTO is also aware that being part of a group like this increases the chances of being heard by politicians in Brussels, whose decisions will affect their businesses’ future.

This future means that more and more drivers will use a car instead of owning one, which implies that more and more vehicles will be part of centrally-managed fleets. Over time, this will result for a lot more cars to be “connected” in some manner. These two trends require that the aftermarket will need fair and equal access to vehicle data and resources to ensure competition and innovation for service providers, vehicle owners and drivers. GROUPAUTO firmly believes that CARMUNICATION is a step into the right direction in this respect.