Hans Hess Autoteile


A German warehousing distributor for passenger cars, Hess offers a full range of parts, garage equipment and tools for the professional workshop. They also offer IT-solutions that help their customers run their own businesses more efficiently.

Hess is aware that it takes a joint effort to get access to telematics data that vehicle manufacturers gather from the systems installed in their vehicles. They also know that it is an added challenge to transmit, interpret and distribute this data for the independent aftermarket, which is precisely why Hess has joined and supported CARMUNICATION as a founding member. They believe that their company will be involved in projects and ideas around telematics and through this, will be able to gain a better understanding of the risks and opportunities that it involves.

The company is convinced that people have a strong desire to express their personality through their choice of vehicle and that constant access to individual mobility is a vital part of a successful life. Telematics will play a dominant role when it comes to maintaining the car, meaning that repair and service work will be managed by providers that best adapt to the needs and circumstances of the car owner.

Hess assumes that this will be done through smart services that combine data on cars’ state of health with service capabilities around the vehicle, the owner’s calendar and other relevant data. It will reshape the supply chain for spare parts completely.