Financially independent family business Herth+Buss specializes in auto electrics and spare parts, but also bundles special ranges ELPARTS and JAKOPARTS under its brand. With their strong awareness of quality and service, they provide free trade and independent workshops with special benefits towards many important factors, such as accuracy of fit, stock proposals, workshop field service and many more.

Herth+Buss joined CARMUNICATION because of its commitment to fair competition. Since CARMUNICATION aims to give companies in Europe free access to vehicle data, Herth+Buss hopes to use this opportunity to play an active role in shaping the future. The company also believes that data generated by connected cars will help answer important questions regarding which parts in which models fail most frequently, which assistance systems are installed and which sensors fail most often. Through this, there will be better knowledge to which parts and product groups are currently important and will be important in the days to come.

In the future, connectivity will allow vehicles to “talk” to one another, to the infrastructure and to other road users. Herth+Buss believes that someday spare parts will report on their own when the time comes to replace them. All this information used in the right context could make it possible to generate a forecast dashboard that could show which parts are needed when and where in the car.

Their customer always first in mind, Herth+Buss wants to become the kind of company that understands how to best transfer data out of connected cars into suitable benefits for those who put their trust in them.