xMotion has developed a predictive maintenance platform that combines on-board (live) vehicle data, off-board data from different external providers and external data (weather, contextual data) to accurately forecast remaining useful life for automotive parts. This platform is specifically designed for garage networks, distributors, and manufacturers.

By working together with Carmunication members, we will advance the cross-sharing of information, in order to develop technology that will effectively help car owners and the automotive industry. We believe that empowering car owners with vehicle data is a win-win for everyone.

Telematics becomes increasingly meaningful when it is leveraged for interconnecting the vehicle to a network of support services. Carmunication offers the ability to work with companies across the IAM to exchange information and share best practices for utilizing vehicle data. And when ingesting different data sources, processing them, and giving useful information to vehicle operators and end-users, we believe new IoT technologies will be created that will digitally transform the IAM.

The automotive industry is having its ‘iPhone Moment’ right now. And the convergence of Electrified Powertrains, 5G connectivity, and self-driving technology offers exciting opportunities, as long as they are safely maintained. Our vision is to inter-connect the vehicle owner with services such as nearby repair centers that can provide predictive analytics and alert the driver as to when and how to properly maintain their connected vehicle.