Automechanika 2018 - many visitors, exciting interactions

  • 21.09.2018

Once again, Automechanika Frankfurt was a great event, especially for CARMUNICATION - after all, this is the fair where the idea of CARMUNICATION was first conceived. 

This time around, we had three events planned with the help of CARMUNICATION members Herth+Buss and DVSE/Topmotive. What we have brought home are many ideas for future endeavours thanks to the many interactions we had at the fair. We talked to individuals from more than 50 companies, most of them coming from Europe, but also from North America and Asia where some people are working on related projects. We take this as a confirmation of our belief: Getting fair and equal access to live vehicle data is an issue we must tackle today, everywhere - and get everyone involved.

So what did we do at the fair? On Tuesday, first day of the fair, we conducted an interview between Erik Lundtoft, Managing Director at CARMUNICATION, and Patrick Grebner from Herth+Buss, Head of Research & Development, who is also Division Manager Industry for our non-profit association.  The focus was on the consequences of access (or lack of access) to live vehicle data for the independent aftermarket and the end consumer. Sound and noise levels can sometimes be a challenge at trade fairs, so we also recorded the interview which will be published as a video soon. If you are interested, please send an email to - also, if you'd like to have a copy of our booth presentation, please contact Erik. We are very happy to share this information with everyone in the industry.

On the second and third day of the fair, we were based at the booth of DVSE/Topmotive, hosted by Topmotive's Managing Director Krunoslav Bagaric who is also Division Manager Data Providers at CARMUNICATION. There were many drop-in visitors and the staff at the booth were all in the loop about our project and helped us getting the word out. We finally moved to a semi-secluded lounge at the booth, which allowed us to have a space for presentation and discussion.

Erik Lundtoft, Managing Director Carmunication, at DVSE/Topmotive's booth
Erik Lundtoft, Managing Director Carmunication, at DVSE/Topmotive's booth

Many visitors were from wholesalers and distributors as well as data providers, once again pointing out to us that there is a necessity to connect these groups and their concerns. The fair went on for another day and we all left with a feeling of excitement. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and asked questions - a big thank you goes out to Herth+Buss and DVSE/Topmotive for their passionate and continuous support. Together, we will achieve our goal: fair and equal access for everyone in the industry!