CARMUNICATION delivers the data: CARMUNICATION collects relevant vehicle data and makes them available to members on the CARMUNICATION platform. These data show e.g.: Are there any problems with the vehicle? What is the handling performance like? Is the next service due?

Before the data are added to the CARMUNICATION platform, a module called the 'privacy zone' checks which data usage the car owner has agreed to.

CARMUNICATION members get access to data - and make the deal.

Who needs Auto Live Data?

Auto Live Data are crucial for analysis and diagnosis, especially when problems arise, repairs need to be made, or if one needs to estimate the value of a vehicle.

This is why the following parties have a legitimate interest in Auto Live Data: insurance companies and vehicle fleet operators, breakdown services, IT services, brand-name workshops, spare part manufacturers, vehicle manufacturers, diagnostic providers, but also public institutions.

CARMUNICATION helps them to secure their access to Auto Live Data


Data monopolies in the business with Auto Live Data must be avoided at all costs.

This is why CARMUNICATION is committed to fair opportunities and free access to data, so that now and in the future:

  • workshops are able to properly adjust the transmission
  • spare part dealers can procure the right parts, as quickly as possible
  • insurance companies can assess their risks more accurately
  • used vehicle dealers can determine the correct, i.e. a data-based purchase price.

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