TVS develops digital solutions with the aim of disrupting the automotive industry. By leveraging its long-lasting domain expertise across all areas of expertise, TVS is able to deliver true value to a wide variety of stakeholders, by enabling them to grab new opportunities in a fast-changing market.

TVS is convinced that data as an asset is becoming increasingly important in determining the chance of success for pretty much any player in the automotive industry, yet the majority of players lack the knowledge required to take full advantage of it.

Carmunication is a community of smart, like-minded people who share the same beliefs and are working towards the same objective of overcoming the challenges around gaining access to vehicle data. Becoming a member allows TVS to actively support Carmunications’ objectives and puts the company in the best position to develop a valuable network, learn from each other, find synergies, and create win-win situations by offering solutions that help other members grow and succeed.

Like any other industry, the automotive market is becoming more and more digital. The winners of today will not necessarily be the winners of tomorrow, as they face serious threats from tech companies as well as the numerous start-up initiatives. Put differently, those who are able to understand, capture, and exploit the value of data, have the best chance to dominate the market.