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Live vehicle data is the core requirement for many businesses today and will continue to grow in importance in the future. Access to these data is of vital importance and can make the difference between success and failure for businesses. It has been established that access-restrictions can significantly impede business opportunities and must be avoided at all costs.

Today, car manufacturers act as gatekeepers by restricting or even preventing third-party access to the data that is generated by the vehicle. In fact, for the Independent Aftermarket, live vehicle data is only available today to its stakeholders on a very limited scale. With this problem in mind, Carmunication was founded as a non-profit association in 2016 to achieve our goal of fair access to live vehicle data for all players in the Automotive Aftermarket.

We believe in privacy by design, allowing the owner and users of the vehicle to decide who gets access to the data that is generated. A robust consent management is thus at the core of our efforts to enable fair access to live vehicle data.

We set our goal to achieve free access to live vehicle data for all players in the Automotive Aftermarket. Our membership structure is uniquely diverse and ranges from small start-ups, through advocacy groups all the way to large multinational corporations.

With this diversity in mind we recognized the importance of incorporating the voice of every member big and small, as we clearly stated in our core values:

✔ Political voice

We are the voice for all independent parties in the automotive sector. As a neutral association we help shape future legislation on access to live vehicle data.

✔ Openness

We don’t believe in isolation. Every party that shares our vision and beliefs is welcome to join us. In fact, we are certain that collaboration across all stakeholders is the only option moving forward.

✔ Knowledge sharing

We actively support our members in finding the right solutions for their business. Our strong network facilitates the exchange of best-practices and lessons learned at eye-level so everyone can benefit.

✔ Transparency

All our information and communication is available as transparently as possible. This way we provide a comprehensive overview of the work being done in our association and thus establish credibility.

✔ Equality

We believe strongly in equal opportunities for everyone so every member has the same level of influence. Our voting structure prevents imbalances among our members and avoids conflicts of interest.

✔ Networking

We bring like-minded people together and have built a community of industry experts to facilitate the exchange of experiences and opinions on automotive challenges. This way we help our members expand their network.

✔ Open platform

We are actively working on a technical solution to collect, standardize and distri­bute live vehicle data from a multitude of sources. All of the data we collect is available for our members on a non-profit basis.

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