CARMUNICATION – Auto Live Data Provider
Walter Birner
Inkustraße 13/4
3400 Klosterneuburg, Austria
+43 664 – 854 1923
ZVR number: 506629991
Tax number: 03 474/4490
Bank details: Bank Austria
IBAN: AT60 1200 0100 1916 9639

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Walter Birner, Founder of Carmunication

CARMUNICATION Code of Conduct for Responsible Lobbying

The non-profit association CARMUNICATION is committed to fair competition. Our goal: free access to vehicle data for companies in Europe. Because only free access means equal opportunities.

Lobbyists from Carmunication and consultants are committed:

1. to present his task as well as the identity and the specific concerns of his client or employer or of the self-governing body or interest group at each first contact with a functionary;

2. to refrain from obtaining information in an unfair manner;

3. to truthfully pass on the information available to him for the exercise of his activity;

4. to inform himself about the restrictions on activities and rules of incompatibility announced for the functionary and to observe these restrictions; and

5. to refrain from any unfair or unreasonable pressure on functionaries; however, this does not preclude socially accepted and legitimate actions being taken to give appropriate emphasis to an intervention.