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What is Carmunication?

Carmunication is an independent association that unifys the entire data supply chain of the automotive aftermarket, to help to protect the IAM business and pull new growth from the data management.
Thanks to its community and its collaborative mode of operation, Carmunication persues an independent vision to help its members to better respond to the stakes, protect their businesses by mitigating the risks, and pull new revenues by providing recommendations on how to benefit from the data management revolution.

What is Carmupedia?

Carmunication, “the In-vehicle data lighthouse”, designed a data knowledge hub to centralize in one single entry point the experts vision and advices, the collaborative work, the discussion forum: Carmupedia©.

Whenever you need answers on management of in-vehicle data in the automotive aftermarket, Carmupedia© will provide you the answer, is delivering tangible information via highly relevant facts/news or you’ll get support in one of the discussion forums.

Carmupedia© acts as a data knowledge hub.

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Who needs in-vehicle data?

In-vehicle data are crucial for analysis and diagnosis, especially when problems arise, repairs need to be made, or if one needs to estimate the value of a vehicle. This is why the following parties have a legitimate interest in Auto Live Data: insurance companies and vehicle fleet operators, breakdown services, IT services, brand-name workshops, spare part manufacturers, vehicle manufacturers, diagnostic providers, but also public institutions.
Carmunication helps its members to secure access to In-Vehicle Data.

The history of

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Wherever people get together, that is where ideas can thrive as well: In the case of Carmunication, it was the Automechanika trade fair in September 2015 that provided the opportunity for fresh thinking. During a discussion between entrepreneurs and managers about the future of Auto Live Data, the idea of an open telematics platform specifically for the automotive industry was conceived. Over the summer of 2016, the general goals became more concrete and finally led to the foundation of the association Carmunication in autumn of that year. Just one summer later, the association counted more than a dozen well-connected members from the automotive and spare parts trade.

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Amidst the discovery phase and then followed by a slow-down because of Covid-19, the market had changed. From Carmunication’s point of view, another competing data platform and the necessary investment would not have resulted in any significant change for the IAM.


Connected cars, autonomous cars, electric vehicles, the digitalisation of the entire automotive industry, data management are becoming the gold standard and will disruptively restructure the market. Understanding and managing vehicle data is the main concern of the current decade.
With its new mission statement “The in-vehicle data lighthouse”, launched in June 2022 at the General Assembly in Stuttgart, Carmunication decided to step-up to become the independent knowledge specialist of the in-vehicle data management, to help its members develop their businesses and draw new growth from in-vehicle data.

Whenever you need an answer on the topic of management of in-vehicle data in the automotive aftermarket, Carmupedia© will provide you with the answer by giving you concrete information on highly relevant facts/news or discussion forums.
Carmupedia© acts as a hub for data knowledge.

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