Carmunication Meeting in Hamburg am 10.4.2018 zu sehen sind alle Teilnehmer

(c) Carmunication-Meeting 10.April 2018 in Hamburg (v.l.n.r): Bo Marcusson, Thomas Uicker, Gert Keuschnigg, François Hostalier, Jeroen Poppers, Walter Birner, Simon Kendall, Philip Pauer, Frank Buisson, Robert Stevens, Peter Holzweber, Ives Schaffer, Michael Krampe, Christos Theodosiou, Krunoslav Bagaric, Rolf Roth, Erik Lundtoft, Patrick Grebner, Holger Drewing, Rens Burgerhout, Nils Prochnow, Ingo Sachse, Paul Koch, Clément Pantin


2. What are Auto Live Data for?

3. The history of CARMUNICATION

Wherever people get together, that is where ideas can thrive as well: In the case of CARMUNICATION, it was the Automechanika trade fair in September 2015 that provided the opportunity for fresh thinking. During a discussion between entrepreneurs and managers about the future of Auto Live Data, the idea of ​​an open telematics platform specifically for the automotive industry was conceived. Over the summer of 2016, the general goals became more concrete and finally led to the foundation of the association CARMUNICATION in autumn of that year. Just one summer later, the association counted more than a dozen well-connected members from the automotive and spare parts trade. 

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Association statutes of CARMUNICATION.

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