What are Auto Live Data for?


The automotive business of the future is currently being redefined by the question of access to Auto Live Data. Some automakers now see their chance to establish a monopoly on the masses of data being generated – among others under the pretext of protecting the privacy of car owners. But in reality, a car workshop does not even need access to any personal data.

This is why CARMUNICATION distinguishes between two types of data and  ways of  dealing with them:

  1. Personal data must be protected.
  2. General data should be made available to all those who have been authorized by the car owners.

Because it is only through data access that workshops, breakdown services and spare parts dealers can provide the service that customers expect.

Carmunication for …


Around 1.9 million people are currently employed in European automobile workshops. In a future without access to Auto Live Data, how would these be able to continue? At least “566,000 employees are threatened with the loss of their jobs,” warns Michael Matoni, professor at the Faculty of Vehicle Systems and Production of the Technical University of Cologne.

Why is that so? In contemporary, electronically controlled vehicles, virtually all diagnostic and repair efforts rely on auto data: measuring emission values, scheduling services on time, requesting the right spare parts – the core business of the automobile workshops is data-based.

This means that thousands of workshops would face extinction if one were to turn off their data supply. Together with CARMUNICATION, workshops  can counter this bleak scenario and continue to access all required Auto Live Data, now and in the future.

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Multi-brand workshops

Multi-brand workshops typically offer greater flexibility than brand-name workshops. To be able to pass this advantage on to customers means – among other things – to keep the stay in the workshop as short as possible. Flexible access to Auto Live Data allows for the best and fastest possible diagnosis, service and repair.

CARMUNICATION helps multi-brand workshop to continue to provide optimal service.

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the spare parts distribution

Traditionally, spare parts are not a pure brand-only affair: Up to 80 percent of vehicle parts are produced by spare parts manufacturers. They are both suppliers to the vehicle industry and to workshops: If the workshops disappear, then the spare parts manufacturers are just as affected as the spare parts distribution.

CARMUNICATION make sure that the spare parts distribution of the future continues to have access to Auto Live Data.

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Vehicle fleet management

The manager of a vehicle fleet needs to know the status of a vehicle at all transfer points: What about its driveability, what about fuel consumption? How often have repairs been required? When is the next service due?

CARMUNICATION gives private fleet managers the key advantage for staying competitive: Auto Live Data.

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the used vehicle dealers

How does one accurately determine the purchase or resale price of a vehicle? In addition to the expertise of experienced dealers or workshops, Auto Live Data are crucial here.

Mileage alone does not provide information about driving behavior and driveability. Access to Auto Live Data, on the other hand, makes it possible to assess whether the previous owner practiced a demanding or engine-friendly driving style. This not only allows dealers to better assess the value of a vehicle – they are also better able to set a justifiable selling price.

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Diagnostic providers

Over the past decades, data from on-board diagnostic (OBD) systems have become increasingly sophisticated. OBD is not only used for monitoring (e.g. emissions), but also for error diagnosis.

Diagnostic providers use the data that can be requested using the OBD interface – at its core, their business model is based on Auto Live Data.

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Breakdown services

A car breakdown is an emergency for the vehicle owner that requires immediate response with a maximum of efficiency. The best breakdown service cannot help the customer if the mechanic does not have the right spare part.

With Auto Live Data provided by CARMUNICATION, breakdown services do not have to make educated guesses, but are able to analyze and fix problems on-the-spot – perhaps saving their customers the tow-away service.

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Auto parts manufacturers

How do modern auto parts manufacturers continually develop their products? For this purpose, Auto Live Data provide unprecedented opportunities for analysis and optimization.

In this case, it is no longer about the behavior of individual vehicles (and even less about personal data), but, for instance, about the wear of individual components for a particular vehicle type. Which error codes are the most frequent ones? How do  predictions for wear and tear have to be adjusted? Where is the biggest potential for improvement? With the help of Auto Live Data, new horizons for research and development are opening up for the future.

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all industry areas in need

Do you work in one of these areas?

  • Auto trade
  • auto parts trade
  • auto manufacturers
  • breakdown services
  • brand-name workshops
  • carwash facilities
  • diagnostic providers
  • energy providers
  • independent workshops
  • insurance funds
  • IT service providers
  • leasing companies
  • multi-brand workshops
  • public associations or institutions
  • spare parts manufacturers
  • vehicle fleet managers/operators
  • and many more

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