P.S. Automotive


P.S. Automotive is a company focused on providing the aftermarket with innovative and digital solutions to enhance daily business as well as enable entirely new business models. The company knows that in order to create these new models, access to live vehicle data will become ever more important and with it the need for a neutral platform providing these data arises, which is exactly the reason why P.S. Automotive chose to join CARMUNICATION.

Being a member of CARMUNICATION makes it easy to communicate with like-minded people and companies and facilitates the acquisition and exchange of knowledge about connected vehicles. The platform approach also makes it easier to gain access to car data irrespective of make, model and source of data, which is of vital importance for reducing complexity.

P.S. Automotive is aware that connectivity will advance even further in the future, which generates new opportunities for players within the automotive branch and beyond. Advanced connectivity will enable autonomous cars and thus give vehicles’ occupants an unprecedented freedom of choice to consume services. For a free competition of services to develop, there is the need for direct, unobserved access to live vehicle data and CARMUNICATION will enable just that.